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rphylopic (development version)

rphylopic 1.4.0

CRAN release: 2024-04-23

  • Added add_phylopic_legend (#83)
  • Added permalink generation option to get_attribution (#81)

rphylopic 1.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-12-20

  • updated citation
  • added warning when specified size is more than 1000 times smaller than the y-axis range (mostly useful for when making maps with coord_sf) (#86)
  • changed the defaults and behavior of the color and fill argument/aesthetics to better maintain backwards compatibility but also prevent unnecessary outlines (#87)
  • added resolve_phylopic (#66)
  • pick_phylopic now accepts a list of uuids via the uuid argument (#95)
  • fixed check behavior on CRAN (all tests and examples are now skipped)
  • caught a rare error when nothing matched filter

rphylopic 1.2.2

CRAN release: 2023-10-28

  • vignettes are now precompiled

rphylopic 1.2.1

CRAN release: 2023-10-10

  • updated rphylopic to work with grImport2 version 0.3.0 and rsvg version 2.6.0
  • rphylopic now requires grImport2 >= 0.3.0 and rsvg >= 2.6.0

rphylopic 1.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-29

  • added text argument to get_attribution (#56)
  • get_attribution now handles multiple uuids
  • added browse_phylopic function (#60)
  • added preview argument to get_phylopic (#59)
  • switched to {maps} package in base R advanced vignette
  • geom_phylopic now properly handles a single unlisted image object passed to the “img” parameter (#75)
  • added filter (license) argument to get_uuid, pick_phylo, add_phylopic_base, add_phylopic, and geom_phylopic (#72)
  • added img argument to get_uuid and get_attribution
  • added verbose argument (calls get_attribution) to geom_phylopic, add_phylopic, and add_phylopic_base (#71)
  • split out the functionality of the color argument/aesthetic to color (silhouette outline) and fill (silhouette) arguments/aesthetics in add_phylopic, geom_phylopic, and add_phylopic_base (#58)
    • when only the color argument/aesthetic is specified, it is copied to the fill argument/aesthetic (maintaining mostly backwards compatibility with old code)
  • added plot and print methods for silhouette objects (#73)
  • fixed the behavior of geom_phylopic when used with coord_sf
  • added phylopic_key_glyph for using silhouettes inside ggplot legends (#57)

rphylopic 1.1.1

CRAN release: 2023-07-08

  • Minor fixes for Fedora
  • Better handling of malformed Picture objects

rphylopic 1.1.0

CRAN release: 2023-06-30

  • added functions for transforming PhyloPic silhouettes (flipping and rotating)
  • save_phylopic bg argument updated to be “transparent” by default
  • added geom_phylopic (#25)
  • vectorized add_phylopic and add_phylopic_base (#42)
  • recolor_phylopic now removes white backgrounds by default
  • fixed the handling of alpha values
  • get_phylopic can now return any size raster image (#50)
  • removed the “thumbnail” and “twitter” format options for get_phylopic
  • fixed how silhouettes are gathered from PhyloPic (#51)
  • pick_phylopic updated to allow visualization of multiple silhouettes at once (#43)
  • fixed add_phylopic_base for multi-panel figures
  • added three vignettes (#49, #55)

rphylopic 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2023-03-20

  • rphylopic has now been transferred to the Palaeoverse community (new maintainer: William Gearty and author: Lewis Jones)
  • The package has been updated to work with PhyloPic API ver. >=2.1.1
  • The package has been reworked to its core functionality of fetching silhouettes and plotting them in base R and ggplot2:
    • get_uuid: this function enables users to get uuid(s) associated with a taxonomic name (new function)
    • get_phylopic: this function enables users to get the PhyloPic silhouette associated with a specific uuid (replaces image_get)
    • pick_phylopic: this function enables users to pick specific PhyloPic silhouettes when multiple are available for a given taxonomic name (new function)
    • add_phylopic_base: this function retains it’s core functionality and is used to add a silhouette to a base R plot (updated from add_phylopic_base)
    • add_phylopic: this function retains it’s core functionality and is used to add a silhouette to a ggplot2 (updated from add_phylopic)
    • get_attribution: this function enables users to get the attribution data associated with a specific uuid (new function)
    • save_phylopic: this function enables users to save PhyloPic silhouettes using various formats (replaces save_png)

rphylopic 0.3.4


  • New exported function: gather_images
  • New internal functions in zzz.R:
    • check_for_a_pkg
    • messager
    • message_parallel

rphylopic 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2020-06-04




rphylopic 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2018-11-19


  • released to CRAN