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This retrieves a PhyloPic silhouette as a vectorized or rasterized object.


get_phylopic(uuid = NULL, format = "vector", height = 512, preview = FALSE)

# S3 method for Picture
print(x, ...)

# S3 method for phylopic
print(x, ...)



character. A PhyloPic image uuid.


character. Format of the image. To return a vectorized image, use "vector". To return a rasterized image, use "raster" and specify a desired height.


numeric. If format is "raster", this is the desired height of the raster image in pixels. This is ignored if format is "vector".


logical. If preview is TRUE, the returned image is plotted. Defaults to FALSE.


A Picture or png array object, e.g., from using get_phylopic().




If format is "vector", a Picture object is returned. If format is "raster", a png array representing the rasterized image is returned. Either way, the uuid and download url are included as the "uuid" and "url" attributes, respectively.


The height argument is ignored if the format argument is not set to "raster". If format is "raster", the height argument specifies the height of the desired raster object. The width of this raster object will be determined by the original aspect ratio of the silhouette. If a pre-rendered raster exists with the desired dimensions, it will be downloaded from PhyloPic. If not, the vector image from PhyloPic will be used to render a raster object of the desired size.


if (FALSE) {
# uuid
uuid <- "9fae30cd-fb59-4a81-a39c-e1826a35f612"

# Get data for an image
img_svg <- get_phylopic(uuid, format = "vector") # vector format
img_png <- get_phylopic(uuid, format = "raster") # raster format