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This function provides a visually interactive way to pick an image and valid uuid for an input taxonomic name. As multiple silhouettes can exist for each organism in PhyloPic, this function is useful for choosing the right image/uuid for the user.


  name = NULL,
  n = 5,
  uuid = NULL,
  view = 1,
  filter = NULL,
  auto = NULL



character. A taxonomic name. Different taxonomic levels are supported (e.g. species, genus, family).


numeric. How many uuids should be viewed? Depending on the requested name, multiple silhouettes may exist. If n exceeds the number of available images, all available uuids will be returned. Defaults to 5. Only relevant if name supplied.


character. A vector (or list) of valid PhyloPic silhouette uuids, such as that returned by get_uuid() or resolve_phylopic().


numeric. Number of silhouettes that should be plotted at the same time. Defaults to 1.


character. Filter uuid(s) by usage license. Use "by" to limit results to image uuids which do not require attribution, "nc" for image uuids which allow commercial usage, and "sa" for image uuids without a ShareAlike clause. The user can also combine these filters. Only relevant if name supplied.


numeric. This argument allows the user to automate input into the menu choice. If the input value is 1, the first returned image will be selected. If the input value is 2, requested images will be automatically cycled through with the final image returned. If the input value is 3, a list of attribution information for each image is returned (this functionality is principally intended for testing). If NULL (default), the user must interactively respond to the called menu.


A Picture object is returned. The uuid of the selected image is saved as the "uuid" attribute of the returned object and is also printed to console.


This function allows the user to visually select the desired image from a pool of silhouettes available for the input name.

Note that while the view argument can be any positive integer, weaker/older computers may have issues displaying very large numbers of images at the same time (i.e. view > 9). If no images are displayed in your plotting environment, try decreasing the value of view.


if (FALSE) {
# Defaults pane layout
img <- pick_phylopic(name = "Canis lupus", n = 5)
# 3 x 3 pane layout
img <- pick_phylopic(name = "Scleractinia", n = 9, view = 9)