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This function provides a convenient way to obtain a valid uuid or image url for an input taxonomic name. As multiple silhouettes can exist for each species in PhyloPic, this function extracts the primary image.


get_uuid(name = NULL, img = NULL, n = 1, filter = NULL, url = FALSE)



character. A taxonomic name. Various taxonomic levels are supported (e.g. species, genus, family). NULL can also be supplied which will skip the taxonomic filtering of the PhyloPic database.


A Picture or png array object from get_phylopic(). A list of these objects can also be supplied. If img is supplied, name and n are ignored. Defaults to NULL.


numeric. How many uuids should be returned? Depending on the requested name, multiple silhouettes might exist. If n exceeds the number of available images, all available uuids will be returned. This argument defaults to 1.


character. Filter uuid(s) by usage license. Use "by" to limit results to image uuids which do not require attribution, "nc" for image uuids which allow commercial usage, and "sa" for image uuids without a ShareAlike clause. The user can also combine these filters as a vector.


logical. If FALSE (default), only the uuid is returned. If TRUE, a valid PhyloPic image url of the uuid is returned.


A character vector of a valid PhyloPic uuid or svg image url.


This function returns uuid(s) or image url (svg) for an input name. If a specific image is desired, the user can make use of pick_phylopic to visually select the desired uuid/url.


if (FALSE) {
uuid <- get_uuid(name = "Acropora cervicornis")
uuid <- get_uuid(name = "Dinosauria", n = 5, url = TRUE)