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This function provides a convenient way to obtain attribution data for PhyloPic images via an image uuid returned by get_uuid().


get_attribution(uuid = NULL, img = NULL, text = FALSE, permalink = FALSE)



character. A vector of valid uuid(s) for PhyloPic silhouette(s) such as that returned by get_uuid() or pick_phylopic().


A Picture or png array object from get_phylopic(). A list of these objects can also be supplied. If img is supplied, uuid is ignored. Defaults to NULL.


logical. Should attribution information be returned as a text paragraph? Defaults to FALSE.


logical. Should a permalink be created for this collection of uuid(s)? Defaults to FALSE.


A list of PhyloPic attribution data for an image uuid or a text output of relevant attribution information.


This function returns image uuid specific attribution data, including: contributor name, contributor uuid, contributor contact, image uuid, license, and license abbreviation. If text is set to TRUE, a text paragraph with the contributor name, year of contribution, and license type is printed and image attribution data is returned invisibly (i.e. using invisible(). If permalink is set to TRUE, a permanent link (hosted by PhyloPic) will be generated. This link can be used to view and share details about the image silhouettes, including contributors and licenses.


if (FALSE) {
# Get valid uuid
uuid <- get_uuid(name = "Acropora cervicornis")
# Get attribution data for uuid
attri <- get_attribution(uuid = uuid)

# Get list of valid uuids
uuids <- get_uuid(name = "Scleractinia", n = 5)
# Get attribution data for uuids
get_attribution(uuid = uuids, text = TRUE)
# Get attribution data for uuids and create permalink
get_attribution(uuid = uuids, text = TRUE, permalink = TRUE)